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What are ‘Orphaned Assets’?

 When many people die they do not leave a comprehensive inventory of the assets which they own and it is quite common that they will not have retained documentation which enables all their assets to be identified. This commonly includes assets such as Occupational Pensions, Investments, Shares or Insurance Policies. Any such assets that are not identified and realised by an Executor or next of kin when they administer and wind up the estate of the dead person are known as “Orphaned Assets”.

What are ‘Overseas Orphaned Assets’?

A number of people acquire assets locally whilst living or working overseas however many assets which were acquired in the UK become overseas administered assets because of corporate mergers or acquisitions. In a number of countries such assets can even be taken over or escheated by the local authorities if they are deemed to be dormant.

Assets Recovered works with several overseas companies to identify and enabled Overseas Orphaned Assets to be realised by the Executor of the deceased person.

Claiming Compensation

The process for claiming varies from country to country but is invariably different and more complex than in the UK. Assets Recovered will work with the Executor(s) its in country partner to enable any Overseas Orphaned Assets to be claimed as easily and cost effectively as possible.


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